Please leave the ordering of e.point in Bangkok Thailand,such as Website Design · SEO measures and Advertising design, we also produce Brochures, Flyers ,create Business cards and Advertising.

Design and creation of various printed material
Corporate brochures, pamphlets,catalogues,menus,leaflets,name cards,poster and banners
Good Design creates high-impact,high-value,and high-effect.
We provide "Good Design" far beyond the client's imagination based on the parallel concepts of "higher-quality" and "lower-cost".
1. Necessity of corporate brochure
Corporate brochure is an essential business tool for getting the results such as business negotiations.Corporate branding and recruitment, it is a business tool that supports corporate PR in various situations, such as business services. When you think of the nuclear position as the website combined with guidance, a clear strategy is essential in the Corporate brochure. Creating a corporate brochure conscious of the sales target. firstly the corporate branding contents and secondly the size of the printing paper, paper quality, folding process, and up to the printing process,to pursue the brand identity, and to establish a brand image, and page to provide information required by the user.
2. Necessity of pamphlet
A pamphlet is provided targeting potential customers interested in your goods and services.that is indispensable for sales.We create an appealing easy to understand pamphlet of your goods and services.featuring good structure and layout plus information details that cannot be explained by presentation alone.
3. Necessity of catalogue
Products catalogue, handling products of specific brands, an important tool viewed by the potential customer for more detailed information showing a high sence of purpose and sincear intent.The catalogue needs to lead the customer to the purchase in an easy manner with sufficient information, enableing them to compare the services and products of competitors in a clear and unbiest way.
Procedure for creation till delivery
1. Listening
We listen to clients demands and propose the design, this could take awhile depending on complexity.
2. Propose
We create a design based on the clients wishes suggesting images paper quality and size.
3. Estimate
We submit an estimate for the proposed design which can be adjusted to fit your budget, production will only start after the clients confirmation
4. Creation
Once the production is determined we plan a schedule up to completion,and will liaise with the client to gather data and materials, only with the clients approval will the printing process begin.
5. Completion -Delivery
After printing is completed and checked for quality we will deliver to the clients designated address.
Planning a business in preparation for Thailand, or companies who already have business in Thailand, for any consultation, please feel free to contact us.
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