Please leave the ordering of e.point in Bangkok Thailand,such as Website Design · SEO measures and Advertising design, we also produce Brochures, Flyers ,create Business cards and Advertising.

Design plan and creation of the website
Corporate site, CMS site, EC site

Web design to ensure maximizied content
We will design a website that matches client's brand image based on listening to the requirements of each client.We are meticulous about colour and texture to achieve a perfect layout with the website's objectives clearly in mind.Also we consider usability for viewers by creating a more user-friendly and easy-understand website.
1. Web structure which enables visitors to achieve their goals
A website is not just for "seeing" but also for "utilizing".When web visitors utilize the website,both the website administrator and visitors can obtain profits and achieve their goals as well.The first necessary step is to develop a sound directory structure for such purpose and place a clear lead line for visitors to reach their target page.
2. Function-based layout
We will create not only a technically superior but also a visually high quality layout and arrange the client's various content neatly in accordance with their objectives and usage.In the design process,we also consider website administration matters as well such as ease of updating after launch.
3. Impressive design
We arrange the various content layout in the webpage in a neat and eye-friendly way and highlight the information you want to emphasize to attract the viewer's attention.Such design creates a better impression on visitors and differentiates your company from the competitors.
Procedure for website administration
1. Listening
We take time to carry out an in depth interview in order to clarify the purposes of the website.So to be sure we understand the areas to be targeted and then compose the image of the entire site.
2. Propose
Based on the clients wants and needs we embody the structure of the entire website with clarity and good site composition, then together with the client propose design images
3. Estimate
We will submit an estimate for the proposed design which can be adjusted to fit your budget, production will only start after the clients confirmation.
4. Creation
Once the production is determined we plan a schedule up to completion,and will liaise with the client to gather data and materials during the production phase we will upload to a test server for the client to check.
5. Completion-Delivery
Once the entire site build is completed we check for bugs and details making sure the links are connected correctly and then upload to the specified server, registering each of the search engines at the same time and finally begin operation of your website.
Planning a business in preparation for Thailand, or companies who already have business in Thailand, for any consultation, please feel free to contact us.
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